1. Too long

2. Too short

3. Too slanting

4. Just right

1. Make an undercut 8" to 12" from trunk.

2. Make second cut a few inches further away.


Sometimes need pruning to arrive at a desired shape or to check vigorous growth. This is easily done by cutting back, however, it must be noted that on flowering shrubs this will reduce the flowering wood for that particular season. On spring flowering shrubs, pruning should take place after flowering is completed. Shrubs, after they have grown for many years, often become coarse and stagy in appearance. Pruning should remove older mature stems at the ground level, leaving the younger more vigorous shoots. These shoots should also be cut back to their height. In the case of shrubs where no young shoots emerge from the base (such as caragana), the entire shrub may be cut back to within 6" of ground level. New vigorous shoots will then emerge in spring giving the old specimen a rejuvenated appearance. While shade trees and larger evergreens are long lived and retain a clean refined appearance, shrubbery can become unsightly with age. It is therefore often advantageous to remove and replace old shrubs.

We also will do on site planting, sod laying, and tree pruning

Fruit Trees:

This is a area where pruning is most important and should be done when the tree is young. Pruning should be done during dormancy. For optimum fruit yield, fruit must have exposure to the sun and to achieve this, the tree must be pruned into an open crown. Any limbs or branches which angle back towards the center of the tree should be removed. Also, any acutely angled crotches should have one side removed to prevent splitting. Limbs growing out from the main trunk should ideally emerge about 1 foot apart, with a lower limb emerging on the south west exposure - thus to prevent sun scalding. Be sure to prune any suckers. Shoots emerging from the base of the tree are usually wild and should be removed before completing with the tree. A pruning paint or dressing may be recommended when large pruning cuts are made. This will prevent fungus from entering the fresh wound.

3. Saw stub flush with trunk of tree.

4. Paint over to prevent disease and ensure fast healing.

prune3.gif (19787 bytes) prune4.gif (28540 bytes)
Before Pruning

After Pruning


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