Ornamental Shrubs

Blue Fox Willow
Hardy and adaptable for borders of hedges. Bluish / gray foliage. Grows to 90 cm.  $23.95

Buffalo - Berry
Gray foliage with red fruit in fall. Thorny plant. A good contrast shrub. Fruit attracts birds. Grows to 90 cm. $23.95
Burning Bush
A shade tolerant plant with long narrow leaves that turn reddish / bronze in fall. Seeds are pink and flower like making it an attractive plant in late summer. Grows to 80 cm. $23.95

Caragana - Globe
A dense growing dwarf shrub that grows in a round ball without any pruning. Good substitute where a globe cedar will not grow. Grows to 125 cm. $23.95
Compact Cranberry
A compact form of native Highbush cranberry. A very nice compact plant with dark green attractive foliage. Grows to 125 cm.  $23.95

Cotoneaster Cotoneaster
Shiny dark green leaves turn orange / red in fall.  Small pink blooms turn to dark purple shiny berries.  Grows to 150 cm. $23.95

Current - Alpine
A dense growing plant with bright green leaves. Makes a great hedge. Grows to 125 cm.   $23.95

Current - Yellowing Flowering
Has fragrant yellow flowers in May followed by black berries in late summer. Grows to 125 cm. $23.95

Yellow Dogwood Dogwood - Bud's Yellow
A yellow stem dogwood introduced by Boughen Nurseries Ltd. Excellent contrast plant. Grows to 150 cm. $23.95


Dogwood - Gold Leaf - Variegated
This shrub has green leaves with gold along the edges. Twigs and branches are red with white flowers in the spring. Grows to 125 cm..  $23.95

Dogwood - Osier Red
A very hardy native plant. Green leaves with red bark. Will grow larger than Siberian Dogwood. Grows 4 metres.  $23.95


Dogwood - Siberian Red
This shrub has clusters of white flowers in spring that turn into white berries in mid summer that attracts birds. Green leaves turn red / purple in the fall. Grows 4 metres.  $23.95


Dogwood - Silver Leaf Variegated
This is an extremely popular and attractive shrub with wide silver edges on the green leaves that really stand out. Branches are red colored and plant has white blossoms in the spring. Grows to 150 cm. $23.95

Elder - Golden
Fast growing shrub with golden / yellow foliage and small red berries. Grows to 175 cm. $27.95
Elder - Red Berry
A fast growing dense shrub with large white blossoms in spring turn into clusters of red fruit early in summer. Attracts birds.  Grows to 4 metres. $23.95

Forsythia - Northern Gold
Released from Morden Research Station. Bright yellow flowers in spring before leaves appear. Winter hardy. Grows to 125 cm.  $23.95

Honeysuckle - Arnold's Red
Attractive shrub with abundant red flowers in spring that turn into small red berries in the summer. Grows to 3 metres.  $23.95

Honeysuckle - Emerald Mound
Keeps a natural mound shape. Bears creamy white flowers in early spring. Grows to 60 cm. $23.95

Honeysuckle - Miniglobe
Compact shrub with yellow / white flowers and dark red berries. $23.95

Honeysuckle - Sweetberry
Has small yellow flowers in spring that turn to blueberry colored fruit. Twigs of new growth are colored red, orange, yellow or purple. Good plant for shading. Grows to 150 cm. $23.95
Annabelle Hydrangea Hydrangea - Annabelle
A showy shrub for any landscape with its masses of large round blooms turning from white to pink.  Grows to 150 cm.  $24.95

Hydrangea - Pee Gee
Dark Green foliage with long lasting flowers in mid summer. Grows to 90 cm. $24.95

Hydrangea - Pink Diamond
Lovely pink flowers, plant has upright growing habit. Grows to 80 cm. $24.95

Hydrangea - Unique
Has large cream colored panicle flowers. Grows to 80 cm. $24.95

Blizzard Mockorange Mock Orange - Blizzard
Clusters of fragrant white flowers. Grows to 125 cm. $24.95

Mock Orange - Minnesota Snowflake
Great specimen shrub. Has very sweet scented double white flowers. Dense growing. Grows to 150 cm.  $24.95

Nanny Berry
Totally hardy with an upright growing habit, shiny green leaves. Has white, flat topped flowers in May with blue / black berries that hang well into the winter, fall color is purplish - red. Attract birds. Grows to 4 metres. $23.95

  Ninebark - Centre Glow
Cross between Dart's Gold and Diablo. Has copper colored foliage turns to red in summer. Grows to 125 cm. $27.95

Dart's Gold Ninebark Ninebark - Darts Gold
Bright foliage with showy clusters of blooms, good contrasting shrub. Grows to 150cm. $27.95

Diablo Ninebark Ninebark - Diablo
A dark purple leafed showy shrub with creamy white flowers in spring. Grows to 175cm. $27.95

Pink Flowering Almond
A dense, almost global shaped shrub that has small double pink flowers in the spring. Produces almond like fruit. Grows to 12 cm.  $27.95
Potentilla - Dense growing shrubs with small leaves and abundance of showy flowers. Grows to 50 - 90 cm.  $23.95

Abbotswood Potentilla Potentilla - Abbotswood - White

Potentilla - Coronation Triump - Bright Yellow
Potentilla - Dakota Goldrush - Gold / Yellow

Dakota Sunspot Potentilla Potentilla - Dakota Sunspot - Deep Golden / Yellow

Potentilla - Fredrickson - Yellow

Gold Drop Potentilla Potentilla - Gold Drop - Gold / Yellow

Gold Star Potentilla Potentilla - Gold Star - Golden / Yellow<br>
Goldfinger Potentilla Potentilla - Goldfinger - Vibrant Yellow
Jackmanni Potentilla Potentilla - Jackmanni - True Yellow

Potentilla - Katherine Dykes - Pale yellow flowers

Mango Tango Potentilla Potentilla - Mango Tango - Orange / Red

McKay's White Potentilla Potentilla - McKay's - White

Potentilla - Orange Whisper

Pink Beauty Potentilla Potentilla - Pink Beauty - Pink

Primrose Beauty Potentilla Potentilla - Primrose Beauty - Pale Yellow

Potentilla - Snowbird - White / Yellow

Tangerine Potentilla Potentilla - Tangerine - Orange / Yellow

Potentilla - Yellow Bird - Yellow

Yellow Gem Potentilla Potentilla - Yellow Gem - Bright Yellow

Purple Leaf Cherry
This shrub has bright pink spring flowers with dark purple leaves all season. Grows to 125 cm.  $27.95
Rose Tree of China
A very popular shrub with double pink blooms along the branches early bloomer. Grows to 150 cm. $30.95

Sea Buckthorn
A large shrub that does well in full sun. Fruit is orange / yellow. Both sexes are needed for fruiting.  $23.95 / 3 for $68.85
This shrub has large snowball like flowers in June and leaves like a cranberry. Grows to 150 cm.

45-60 cm (18-24") plant........$23.95

Produces small white flowers, followed by white / yellow berries that attract birds.  Grows to 90 cm. $23.95

Spirea - Dense growing shrubs with small leaves and abundance of showy flowers. Grows to 30 - 80 cm.  $23.95

Anthony Waterer Spirea Spirea - Anthony Waterer - Rose Pink

Spirea - Bridal Wreath - Dainty White
Spirea - Coccinea - Pink
Spirea - Crispa - Pink
Spirea - Fairy Queen - White - Flat Topped
Spirea - Goldflame - Pink
Spirea - Goldmound - Pink
Spirea - Little Princess - Pink

Magic Carpet Spirea Spirea - Magic Carpet - Deep Pink

Red Spirea Spirea - Red - Dark Pink

Dart's Red Spirea Spirea - Red - Darts - Pink / Red

Spirea - Shirobana - Pink / White
Spirea - Silver - White
Spirea - Snowmound - White

Wayfaring Tree Wayfaring Tree
The white flowers in the spring turn into black fruit. Has dark green leaves that turn dark purple in the fall with woolly underside. Grows to 175 cm. $23.95

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