Hardy Lilacs

Lilac - Charles Joly
A double red / purple French non-suckering lilac. Grows to 3 metres.   $23.95

Lilac Donald Wyman
A Preston lilac with purplish-lavender flowers. Blooms mid-June on large pyramid spikes. Growth is dense, sturdy and upright. Non-suckering. Grows to 3 metres.   $23.95

Lilac - James McFarlane
Has true pink color blooms freely, very hardy. Grows to 3 metres.  $23.95

Lilac - Japanese Tree
Very large creamy flowers appear in early July. Has handsome foliage throughout the summer. This plant is becoming more popular. Grows to 5 metres.   $25.95

Lilac Little Leaf
Has fragrant deep pink flowers. Leaves are small, plant is dense and wide growing. Grows to 1.5 metres.   $23.95

Lilac - Madame Lemoine
A hardy hybrid French lilac with white flowers. An old favorite. Grows to 3 metres.  $23.95

Lilac - Miss Canada
Brightest pink of all lilacs. Vigorous grower, non-suckering. Blooms in mid June.  Grows to 2.5 metres.  $23.95

  Lilac - Miss Kim
A dwarf lilac with fragrant lavender / purple flowers. Late bloomer. Grows to 2 metres.  $23.95

Lilac - Villosa
Light pink blooms, non-suckering, widely used as a windbreak for acreages or as a trimmed hedge in urban lots. Also listed under hedging. Grows to 4 metres.   $23.95

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