Landscaping Service:

Attention New Home Owners!

                 Landscaping Service:

If you have a new yard and need help with landscape plans, or have an established yard that just needs a new look, we can help you.

Send a photo and/ or drawing of your yard including:

1) The house and any other buildings.

2) Any exiting trees or shrubs.

3) Driveways, walks, patios, decks, etc.

4) Location of doors and windows.

5) The direction your house is facing.

6) A list of any plants you would like to see included in your plan.

7) All measurements of yard, garden, house, etc., are crucial to doing a good job when you landscape. Please include them, even if it's only a guess.

The charge for this service is a flat rate of $100.00, you are not obligated to purchase anything from us. However, if you place your order early you could be eligible for our 15% early order discount, a substantial saving.
We will do a drawing of your yard complete with all plants that we feel you need, for shade, beauty, and protection from the elements If you wish to establish a fruit orchard, we can also help you with this.
Our many years of experience growing in the harshest climate has taught us what grows best, and where.
This offer is open until April 1st. After this date we are just too busy to give you the attention and time required to draw plans.

We also will do on site planting, sod laying, and tree pruning


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