Hardy Plums

Rules on pollination - Two different varieties of plums are needed for cross pollination. A cherry plum will not cross pollinate with a plum. Plums are 90 - 150 cm (3-5').


Plum - Bounty
Great tasting medium size plum.


Plum - BrookGold
Very tasty golden yellow fruit that ripens early.


Plum - Brook Red
Dark red good eating fruit. Vigorous grower.


Plum - Dandy
Produces medium size fruit. Good for eating.


Plum - Grenville
Very large, sweet reddish-orange fruit that is excellent for eating.


Plum - Native
Strictly ornamental, good pollinator for other plums.


Pembina Plum
Large red fruit that is good for eating or canning, a good combination of plums is 1 Pembina and 1 Grenville.


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