Evergreen Trees

Evergreen Warranty

There is no warranty on evergreens.  These trees are growing when purchased and will continue to grow with proper care.

Cedar - Brandon - Pyramid
Grow in a slender upright manner. Very often used between two windows or between a door and a window.

#1 container........$14.50
#2 gallon container........$24.95
#5 gallon container........$35.95
#10 gallon container......$50.00

Cedar - Globe
These grow naturally in a very round, dense shape and seldom need trimming.

#2 container........$24.95

Cedar - Globe - Dwarf
A dwarf, very compact form of Globe Cedar.

#2 container........$24.95

Juniper - Andorra
This very hardy light green juniper turns a beautiful purple color in the fall.

Juniper - Arcadia
Has rich lacy green foliage on fountain shaped branches.

Juniper - Bar Harbor
Low, fast growing, excellent ground cover.

Juniper - Blue Chip
Very nice color, low growing, spreading Juniper.

Juniper - Blue Danube
Low growing, semi erect juniper with spreading branches. Foliage is blue green.

  Juniper - Blue Rug
Forms a dense mat of blue foliage. Excellent ground cover
Juniper - Blue Star
Low growing compact plant good for rock garden or planter.

Juniper - Buffalo
Moderately fast growing creeper with olive green foliage and extremely hardy ground cover with abundance of blue berries.
Juniper - Hughes
Superb silver blue color on the fine foliage. Has a low, mounding, spreading habit.

Juniper - Pfitzer - Blue
Same growing habit as Golden, but blue.

Juniper - Pfitzer - Golden
This sun loving hardy spreading juniper has a good golden color.

Juniper - Prince of Wales
Low spreading branches form a star burst pattern that displays a soft very dense plush carpet of bright green foliage.

Juniper - Savin
Medium size growing semi vase shaped form with medium green color.

Juniper - Scandia
Keeps a dense compact form with bright green feathery foliage..

  Prices for spreading junipers:

#1 container - $14.50
#2 container - $24.95

Juniper - Witchita - Blue - Upright
Foliage is a bright silvery blue, densely arranged on the widely pyramidal form, color remains bright all year.

#5 container........$39.95

Spruce - Colorado or White

#1 container - 20-30 cm 9-12" - $10.00
#2 container - 30-40 cm 12-15" - $15.00
#2 container - 40-50 cm 15-18" - $20.00
#2.5 container - 50-60 cm 18-24" - $30.00
#3 container - 60-80 cm 24-30" - $40.00
#5 container - 80-90 cm 30-36" - $50.00
#15 container - 90-100 cm 36-40" - $125.00

Wire Basket - 125 cm - 4' - $175.00
Wire Basket - 150 cm - 5' - $200.00
Wire Basket - 175 cm - 6' - $225.00

Spruce - Alberta - Dwarf
A miniature spruce.  Used in small spaces or rock gardens.

#2 container.............$26.50



Spruce - Nest
A beautiful dwarf spruce, a distinctive plant for rock gardens. 

#2 container.............$26.50

  Pine - Austrian
Vigorous dense grower with heavy long needles.

#5 container - $49.50

Pine - Mugho
A very hardy low growing pine with long, bright green needles. Should be pruned once a year.

#2 container...........$24.95

Pine - Scotch
A fast growing pine with orange red bark and blue green needles.

#5 container...........$49.50

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